This book is all about how to chat like a pro with women and dating online. Romantic texting with girls is a superb activity for relaxation and pleasure – if you are a modern urban geek.

Learn from this guide how to be more instrumental in online chatting with females. Be aware of tips & tricks of virtual love as well as hidden stones.

How to flirt with a girl and write messages easily? Communication with ladies can give you a lot of fun and enjoyment if you learn how to build romantic relations. Some men think that it may be not as difficult as talking to women in real life. However this process requires certain etiquette. Well, more correctly, in the context of the World Web, a netiquette.

Using some proven expressions a boy can show that he likes a girl and has a desire to know her better. It’s recommended to practice flirting skills in order to build up more confidence & mutual understanding. With this wonderful book you may discover what women like and practice your texting skills.


Discover Some Life Hacks for Right Strategy from this Guide:

  • Try to impress her and catch her attention from the first seconds. Among phrases can be standard “good morning”, “my dear friend”, “hello, my beautiful lady”, not plain or rude ones. If you have communicated with this person before and are glad to chat with her again, write her directly about this. Make her sure that you are really happy she is on the Internet.
  • Constantly send her compliments if she is texting something interesting.
  • Always demonstrate that you think she is very special by writing some pleasant and even intimate words like “honey,” “dear,” or “sweetie."
  • Try to be correct in your spelling to look as a very educated person.
  • Don’t be too boring!

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About Writer, Author of the Book

Alan Dave is a real guru in digital communication with the focus on love matters. He knows what women enjoy and share expertise in his blogs and books. Mr Dave holds a degree in psychology from Harvard University.